Hello! I’m Kris Hatcher, and this site is designed to give you a little taste of my odd combination of skills and passions. From writing web software to help inquiring minds gain new knowledge to finding the perfect light to capture the morning dew on a blade of grass, I’ve tried to give you a brief view of my wacky mind.

Caricature of Kris Hatcher
That’s me! At least a pretty accurate caricature of me.

Ever since elementary school, I’ve always enjoyed working with computers. My school would get donations from a local grocery store chain of their old cash register computers. My dad, brother, and I would tear apart the 5 or 6 towers to cobble together one or two that were actually serviceable. Pulling hard drives to figure out what the biggest one or two were, then culling through the stack of RAM to find matching sticks, and finally making sure that all of the dust & dirt were cleaned out made for fascinating evenings. (I think my mom probably wished we’d find all the tiny little screws instead of leaving them for the vacuum, but alas…)

I wrote my first website when I was 14, helping a family-run business near me launch their web presence and open up a new avenue of advertising for them. It would be a decade before I managed to find a job where I got paid to “play around” with websites, and I instantly knew I was hooked!

Since then, I’ve also discovered that I really enjoy baking, with a special interest in decorating sweet treats like cakes & cupcakes. When I’m not trying a new recipe in the kitchen, I enjoy relaxing with my two rescue dogs and working to improve my artistic eye with a little photography.

I also enjoy writing, and have taken a couple of English Composition classes at Sinclair Community College. Papers from those classes, along with other published articles I’ve written, are included in the Writing section of this site. Feel free to peruse them and leave your comments. I’m always looking to improve my skills!